I am fascinated by how amazing and complex our bodies are. Self-care and massage are a passion to me. I consider it a privilege and I value the trust clients put in me to help assist them with their body needs. Whatever your posture and therapeutic goals are, I will approach it from a mind, body, and soul attitude.

Healthy foods

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CONSCIENCIA STUDIO is also about eating a well balanced variety of foods that will give you supportive benefits for your body, mind, and soul.

Part of writing this piece is to elevate the consciousness of self care habits on an individual.

This is part of the awareness movement work (the one’s awaken) many are aware. By developing your mind, you are opening to new frequencies. Touch (massage), dancing (moving), food (nutrition), meditation (awareness), and among other things becomes medicine. I will be posting in the future more superfoods ingredients. I don’t want to overload you. Here are a few superfoods ingredients with full list of supportive benefits. These are ingredients to have at home. You see, a good diet is knowing your body needs, cold or hot foods, fruits or nuts, dry, juicy, or spicy, and stick with it. also be open to try other types of foods. This is what I like about traveling, eating dishes that represent other traditions and culture."


Cleanses the blood. Purifies the liver. Energy booster. Immune system booster. Reduces high blood pressure. Anti-inflammatory. Improves digestion. Skin ailment treatment. Prevents tooth decay. Aids in weight loss from active enzymes which play a major role in breaking down fats.


Naturally liver detoxifying, as well as well known anti-inflammatory, A natural pain killer. Aids in fat metabolism and help in weight management. Benefits in Alzheimer’s disease, cancer arthritis, and depression.

Aloe Vera Leaves

Holts the growth of cancer tumors. Lower high cholesterol. Natural steroid. Aloe Vera juice alkalizes the digestive tract preventing over-acidity, a common cause of indigestion, acid reflux, heartburn and ulcers.



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