I am fascinated by how amazing and complex our bodies are. Massage is a passion to me. I consider it a privilege and I value the trust clients put in me to help assist them with their body needs. Whatever your posture and therapeutic goals are, I will approach it from a mind, body, and soul attitude.



I was born in Angola in 1975. As a kid I dreamed of being a massage catalyst. Then I forgot all about it.

Fast forward to the year 2014..... one night my girlfriend Alexandra came home from a yoga class and she brought me a brochure to become a certified bodyworker. She asked me to try for one simple reason, the night before, she dreamed I became a massage therapist.

I gave it a try. I started studying bodywork with the wonderful Paul Fowler, owner and instructor of Blue Lotus Thai Healing Studies in Chicago. I fell in love with Thai massage instantly, and got my certification.

I continued to practice yoga, and meditate. I reached for consciousness, kindness and awareness living. And a year after, I pursued my education through The New School for massage, and got my massage therapist license.

Nonetheless, I was bound to contribute deeply in life with what I had found, the solitude in me.

Leandro Lopes,  Consciencia Studio Founder

leandrolopes@conscienciastudio.com - 312-343-8258